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The Full Story


Let me tell you a little about my photography story

I was born and bred in Coventry, and i started my photography journey in the 1980s at President Kennedy school. Fast forward to 2015, this is when i began to embrace digital photography after entering a picture for a calendar competition, the image made it onto the calendar and this was the point where i decided to get serious about my photography. I began focussing on the local area and in particular the historic buildings in the city, Coventry cathedral being a real focal point. I learned to harness social media to get my work seen locally, and began to build a following. In 2020 i won my first major competion at the Herbert Art Gallery, and also in the same year had my first commission which was with The City of Culture 2021. In the years up to now i've worked with most of the local organisations that promote the city,Coventry Cathedral has been prominent in the past few years, 2 commissions including being featured on the guidebook front cover, and my biggest achievement to date was my first major exhibition at Coventry Cathedral. I take immense pride in being self taught and have developed my own trademark shots such as reflections and shadows. I'm about to embark on some really exciting projects which i can't wait to share with you



I see myself constantly improving all aspects of my photography, from my equipment to the quality of my images. I really want to see just how far i can take my skills


I see myself working with bigger clients and moving my photography further afield in the future

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